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Petek Ribnica d.o.o.,
Goriča vas 45,
1310 Ribnica Slovenija (SI)

Production adress

Goriča vas 92b,
1310 Ribnica Slovenija (SI)


Phone: +386 1 836 99 70
Phone: +386 1 836 99 71
Fax: +386 1 836 99 72

Bank data

ID: SI 47785438
Reg. no.: 5445701


At Petek Ribnica d.o.o. we are a manufacturing and trading company from Ribnica with a 30-year tradition. Our beginnings date back to the days of the craft workshop, which had a decades-long tradition of woodworking. Initially, we made “suha roba”, but later we focused on making wooden boxes and drawers for kindergartens and schools from solid wood, and the production of school furniture.

  • We manufacture various wooden boxes for storing children’s toys. The boxes are made of beech wood, which gives the boxes strength and durability. We manufacture boxes of various sizes and also at the request of the customer. The boxes are suitable for equipping garages, living rooms, children’s rooms and kitchens.